Fishing Report 11/13/2016

Great morning with David Parker and crew. They hammered some nice Slot Reds and released them with non stop action, double and triple hookups for about the first 2 hours or so, then it was like a light switch going off, it all stopped.

Beaux Paradoski
Fishing Report 11/11/2016

Larry Brauer, Shawn Seeger, John Brauer caught about 50/60 redfish today they only kept a few for dinner. 2 of these guys came from Seattle Washington for their 2nd successful trip to Matagorda. 

Stan Sloan
Fishing Report 10/25/2016

Had Richard Doan and crew out today and they ended up with a nice pile of trout and released a 30'' trout on Down South Lures (plum/chartreuse) while in the process of filling the box

Stan Sloan
Fishing Report 10/22/2016

Fished the JH Boat Owners Tournament today with Paul Brandt, Travis Brandt, and Jared Brown with Brandt Electrical Services and the team weighed in the heaviest Flounder(6.4lbs.) for the first place and finished the day with 3 limits of Specs 2 Redfish and 4 Flounder. 

Stan Sloan
Fishing Report 10/19/2016

Gary Hunt and Bob with limits of Specs and a pile of Sand Trout. Started slow this morning we caught most of these fish between noon and 1p.m.

Stan Sloan
Fishing Report 10/11/2016

Had a great group of fishermen today thanks to Lee Warmke for putting this trip together for him, myself and Charlie Paradoski, 3 guide boats. Limits for everyone and in by 11:30a.m.

Stan Sloan
Fishing Report 9/30/2016

Had the day off from guiding so me and Rick went fishing and hammered these trout by 9:00a.m. On Topwater baits and Downsouth Lures.

Stan Sloan