Fishing Report 3/19/2017

Enjoyed a great day on the water with Kevin Webb of Webb Pressure Washing Services and also pictured is Alberto and Michael with a mixed bag of fillets today with biggest Trout weighing in at 5 lbs.

Beaux Paradoski
Fishing Report 2/23/2017

Today was "Trey Day" on Matagorda Bay. Trey Brandt fished with his dad Paul Brandt and he caught his limit of Redfish and his limit of Trout. Rough conditions, but found a few biting in 25mph winds.

Beaux Paradoski
Fishing Report 2/22/2017

Had a great group on the water today, they were split up on 4 boats, 4 limits of Trout and some more Reds not pictured here as they were filleted before last 4 boats arrived back at Harbor.

Beaux Paradoski
Fishing Report 12/11/2016

3 boat party for Beck&Masten GMC with Super Steve Bench Charlie Paradoski and myself with limits of Trout for everyone with some Redfish in the mix.

Stan Sloan